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“Bleak and broody music has never been quite so thrilling”

The Guardian (UK)




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Electric Litany, the critically acclaimed British alternative rock band, returns with their highly anticipated new album. This latest offering showcases their evolution and presents their most inspiring and captivating record to date.

With a unique blend of atmospheric soundscapes, introspective lyrics, and masterful musicianship, Electric Litany has garnered a dedicated following and widespread recognition for their captivating live performances and thought-provoking releases. Since their formation in 2007, the band has consistently pushed the boundaries of alternative rock, earning praise for their emotive songwriting and intricate sonic textures.

The band’s story thus far is one of artistic growth and exploration. From their debut album, “How to be a Child & Win the War,” to their subsequent releases, “Enduring Days You Will Overcome” and “Under a Common Sky,” Electric Litany has continually honed their craft, captivating listeners with their mesmerising melodies and introspective themes.

This new album represents a significant milestone in Electric Litany’s discography. Delving deeper into the depths of human emotion and delivering a sonic experience that is both haunting and uplifting, this album serves as a testament to the band’s artistic maturity and growth. Each track on the album is carefully crafted, immersing the listener in a rich tapestry of atmospheric textures, soaring melodies, and introspective lyrical narratives.

Electric Litany effortlessly combines elements of post-rock, shoegaze, and indie rock, creating a sound that is uniquely their own.
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“I said to myself, ‘they could be the next Radiohead.”

Alan Parsons, BBC Interview (UK)

Brooding, brusing piece of post punk with deeply lo-fi attitudes. There’s a beauty to their melancholy

Clash magazine (UK)

“Music worlds collide with Electric Litany... Synthy, melancholic, etherealism.”

Nick DeRiso