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So we approach you like we should and yet, we shall leave before the end and so we were baptised by no name and yet we will never be afraid You don’t need no prayers and now we will never be afraid

Dont save your prayers “I’ve given to you every flower but i have been losing you since by the hour” Your silence makes me ill “heart gives up every summer through quivering locks I hide by another” No longer I “No longer I’ll destroy another for I have been loving you since like a Mother” […]

Fear lights the way, it shouldn’t Thoughts light the way beside you Summer gave us sweets, for Nothing You Vanished from my arms, on Sunday “Can you hear my heart when its beating? Can you hear my heart when its gone? Would you hear my heart when its its beating? Would you hear my heart […]

Far, where no fear awaits The wind, carried me away You don’t understand The soul, remembers everything Suspends all within a dream You don’t understand My only Love to have you hear I pray won’t you feel the same The wind carried me away and I don’t understand

You Vanished before my arms on Sunday and since then…. You Vanished before my eyes on Sunday and nowdays I cry in every song – When will we see you in our home? – But I’ll return I dream of a week where there’s no Sundays The Sunday…. My darling you’ve absolutely fucked me You […]

How could you forget my name? You forget my name.. When you’re around Why did you forget my name? You forget my name… When you are gone Don’t you lie or you will dream alone Why have you waited that long? You waited so long… Just to wave goodbye The sky turns blue for Us […]

“Don’t you say you don’t” “Please don’t leave”

“I have the moan of doves and the feather of Ecstasy” Breath from your heart you’re losing your direction Bring down the hands that spiral in deception Dream among the hearts of those who have no nation Burn down the flags that fill you with deception Silently we scream reaching for the end Breath for […]

In the morning I’ll be with you and you are mine You’re away now in a country that I could die Can you hear it my heart beating for you and I May we always be apart you’re always mine “Someday you’ll bring,,”